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Gift Box Babes (GBB) 101 Offer

Hi there! I'm SO glad you're here!! I'm your instructor, Torrance, the founder of the gift box company Teak & Twine and I LOVE being a "Gift Box Babe" and teaching others how they can start and grow their gifting businesses. After hundreds of hours of coaching new gifting businesses, I've learned what the primary sticking points are, the most common questions, and the things I most wished I knew six years ago when my own adventure started. In this mini course, I've brought it all together- so whether you're thinking about launching your own venture or you're in the first year of business you can avoid my mistakes and launch and grow your own profitable and FUN gifting business :) In this course, you'll learn the "Six P's of launching" and in what order I recommend thinking about your business launch. You'll also learn my 5 fundamental truths of the gifting business- having these down from the beginning is going to save you a lot of time and stress! I cover my biggest tips for sourcing inventory, being scrappy, and finding your niche. Lastly, I talk about the six books I most recommend, and in what order I'd read them in your business journey, my biggest sourcing recommendations for boxes, crinkle, printing and finally additional resources. For additional resources, come visit the Gift Box Babes on our Facebook page. If you're ready to join the most amazing group of Gift Box Babes launch, growing and scaling their gifting businesses, you can join our amazing Crushing Community, where I provide access to the most amazing coaches and resources along with coaching, accountability and a framework for business success!  See you there! Torrance 

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